hagebau IT-Conference from 20.11.2023 to 21.11.2023 in Dresden

peiECO Communication solution

From 20.11.2023 to 21.11.2023, experts from hagebau IT services and representatives from hagebau centres will gather to share their knowledge. This year’s event will once again extend over several days and offer visitors to the international Congress Center in Dresden numerous workshops, presentations and discussion panels focusing on current trends and developments in the digital field. Various topics will be covered, such as future IT solutions, as well as presentations on quality management. The conference is also increasingly dedicated to meeting rising quality standards without losing sight of individual customer preferences and needs.

We are pleased to present our latest innovative peiECO at this year’s hagebau IT Conference.

peiECO is a smart solution that enables the linking of different signals in your shop with your employees. These signals can come from various sources such as machines and sensors, for example messages from the wood cutting machine or malfunction notices from paint mixing machines. When such signals occur, your employees on site immediately receive a voice announcement via their headset or a text message on their smartphone so that they can react immediately.

Through peiPRESS, you can even integrate special buttons into their communication to ensure a direct and efficient connection. Here is a practical example: When a customer presses the button, an LED lights up and they receive a voice message: “A staff member is on his way to you.” At the same time, your employees are immediately notified via their headset with the message: “Advice needed at the garden centre.” If no staff member responds, the message can be sent again.

Implementing our peiECO system in your hagebau branches will result in numerous advantages for you. The shopping experience of your customers will be significantly optimised, customer service will be raised to a new level and this will ultimately lead to an increase in your turnover. At the same time, internal communication within your team will be optimised, allowing tasks to be distributed more efficiently.

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