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Making good use of radio technology

Radios do not generally require any infrastructure: You just switch your radio on and start using it!

We have looked through the broad product portfolio of Motorola Solutions and chosen the best products for you. We would be happy to present the selected range to you!

Our team has already sold half a million radios. Countless employees in over 30,000 stores across Europe use these in their day-to-day work.

Motorola SL1600 – the robust professional device for maximum requirements

Do you have a large, maybe even multi-floor store and are you looking for a device that meets your needs? If so, then we have just the right radio for you. The SL1600 radio from Motorola Solutions is fearless in the face of any challenge. The radio impresses with its extreme robustness, numerous individual programming options and outstanding performance. The thing our customers most appreciate is its good audio performance plus its long range – all the way to the warehouse and the parking lot. Wherever DECT phones have reached their limits is where radio equipment comes into its own. And it is why our employees have already sold over 100,000 Motorola SL1600 units to chain stores all across Europe.

Motorola SL1600 Data Sheet


Motorola CLP446e – reliable and stylish

The license-free CLP446e radio is perfect for smaller stores. The main customers for this device are discounters, fashion stores, cafes, and restaurants.

The outstanding features of this radio are its shape, low weight, and ease of use. The CLP446e successfully combines reliability and quality with an attractive look.

Its predecessor, the CLP446, also scooped up an award for its sleek design and has sold millions of units in Europe.

Motorola CLP446e Data Sheet


License-free radio and increased range: SL1600 DMR446

We listen carefully to our customers and work with our experts to develop the solutions demanded by the market. This is also how we came up with the SL1600 DMR446 radio. Customers wanted a version that was both extremely robust and could be operated license-free throughout Europe. We provided the solution. Our employees developed the SL1600 DMR446. It is based on the SL1600 from Motorola Solutions, which was used to create a license-free device. Following the test result of an independent test laboratory, it is now official: peicom is the authorized distributor of this device. The radio enjoys increasing popularity – especially in other European countries.

Motorola CLR-Serie – reliable and stylish

At long last, the popular DLR series radio, which has enjoyed immense popularity in America, is also available in Europe. Just as small and handy as the beloved CLP446e, it is the ideal radio for retail, hospitality, education, and museums.

It’s your choice! Because this series is available either as a license-free version with an output of 0.5 watts or as a 1 watt version – highly suitable for use in retail chains. For the first time, there is also a charger available that can charge up to 12 radios simultaneously.

Motorola CLR446 Data Sheet

This is what our costumers say

When advising clients, it’s a major advantage to be able to access the collective expertise of every colleague quickly and easily via radio.

Felix Zimmermann - Fressnapf Köln GmbH

The radios allow us to communicate properly with one another while also maintaining COVID-19 safe distances. Even in noisy environments (machine noise).

Siegfried Vantomme - Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

We now use radios in every one of our stores and are very happy with them. It saves us from unnecessary walking and makes it super easy for all the staff to exchange information.

Boris Massak - Massak Logistik GmbH

The devices have a high quality with an extremely big range and are a great help in everyday work. Unnecessary work steps can be saved and communication with the employees can be made much faster and easier regarding questions and work distribution with using the radio devices. peicom itself impresses with friendly and customer-oriented employees who can guarantee a fast and, above all, professional service: top company – top quality.

Benjamin Gürntke - Thomas Philipps

I am very satisfied with the solution of communication. It supports us in our everyday work and ensures quick communication. In a self-test, I measured the steps to compare the values with each other. Without the communication solution: 17,000-18,000 steps per day; with the communication solution: 14,000-15,000 steps per day. All in all, a saving of about 2,000-4,000 steps a day - that is very positive!

Mr Cornesse - hagebaumärkte "quintus" GmbH & Co. KG

I am delighted with this new way of communicating. It makes internal communication among employees much easier. It’s great fun not having to run around the store to get or share information.

Michel Schupan - Fressnapf Gallafilz Retail GmbH

I am enthusiastic about this effective way of communication. Reaching all employees at the push of one button and accessing the entire expertise of the staff? Since the introduction of the peicom communication solution, this is no longer a problem!

Besir Kebabcioglu - Thomas Philipps

We don´t want to and cannot do without radio technology any more! Instant support at the push of one button and no more looking after colleagues, what else do you want?

Sabine Notzon - Grünes Netzwerk: Arkenau Gartencenter GmbH

Outstanding service and in-depth expertise are what we value about peicom. No query was ignored and all our concerns were met in the shortest possible time.

Timur Veles - Kulturschafft e.V.

The use of radio technology has led to significant process optimization in our stores. We are extremely satisfied with the results we have achieved so far. The fast and direct distribution of information and tasks via the radios has enabled us to significantly increase the efficiency of our internal processes.

Bianka Wellnowski - Woolworth GmbH

The feedback from the shop manager Mr. Belghiti: • Price enquiries / discounts / complaints can be quickly coordinated with the store manager • Saving of time and walking distances • Quick flow of information at the push of a button • Information and work instructions can be given quickly • Theft risk is minimised

Jalil Belghiti - expert Gröblinghoff in Neuss

About peiECO: Due to the convincing results and positive feedback from the customers and my colleagues, we decided to adopt the system permanently in our store. In this way, we have created a solution that convinces all parties.

Matthias Hartz - Decathlon Bremen Brinkum

The enthusiasm of the employees about the radios is very great. They make our work much easier. And now that the employees have also become accustomed to using the devices, it is almost a matter of course to handle them. Our work is made much easier by the radios. They save us unnecessary trips. And when handing out food to our customers, the devices help us particularly well.

Ulrich Fels - Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Kropp

A wide range of accessories for your needs

Although some radios are fitted with a loudspeaker, internal communications should be kept away from customer ears. So, we have various headsets for your radio to suit any ear. Our portfolio now includes over ten different headsets for every radio. Why? Because ears are as individual as fingerprints – we can find the right headset for every employee.

Long operating times are a top priority for our radios: Up to 14 hours are standard. We also use 6-way or even 12-way charging stations. This saves you from having to use individual charging stations as with DECT phones – and the tangled cables that go with them.


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