EHI Technology Days 07/08 November 2023

peiECO Communication solution

The EHI Technology Days at the World Conference Center in Bonn is an annual event that focuses on the latest developments in technology for the retail industry. Here, experts, companies and visitors come together to exchange ideas about innovative solutions, sustainability, best practices and future opportunities and challenges.

The Technology Days offer a variety of presentations and discussion panels on topics such as artificial intelligence, process automation, seamless checkout, cybersecurity and much more. Technical aspects as well as their results and impact on retail will be highlighted.

The event not only provides a great opportunity to exchange ideas with industry experts, but also gives companies and start-ups the chance to exhibit their latest technologies and solutions.

As a future-oriented company, we are looking forward to presenting our unique communication solution peiECO at this year’s EHI Technology Days.

peiECO is a smart solution that connects the signals in your store with your staff. Signals can be emitted by peiSUPPLY from vending machines and sensors, for example – including a full message from the deposit machine or a malfunction of the baking machine. When your employees are on the floor, a voice announcement is sent ad hoc to the headset or a text message is sent to the smartphone so that you can react immediately.

With peiPRESS you have the possibility to include your customers in the internal communication. A practical scenario for the use of a customer button could look as follows: When a customer presses the button, an LED lights up and they receive a voice message: “A staff member is on his way to you.” At the same time, your staff members are immediately notified, either via their headset or smartphone, with the message: “Advice needed in the wine department.” If no employee responds, the message can be resent.

Integrating our peiECO system into your shops gives you the added value of enhancing your customers’ shopping experience, improving customer service and thus increasing your turnover. Communication within your team is optimised and tasks are better distributed.

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