A success story – EDEKA Schneider


EDEKA Schneider, a leading food retailer in northern Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia, has introduced a groundbreaking innovation to its market: Machines and signals that can talk.

By integrating our peiECO communication system and the peiBox into the local EDEKA WiFi network, the team in Bayreuth has significantly improved the shopping experience for customers. In addition to the introduction of customer buttons in the classic EDEKA design, peiSUPPLY has also been integrated into daily communication, allowing signals from machines and cameras to be included in internal communication.

One particularly innovative idea was implemented by Managing Director Patrick Schneider: The deposit machines in the store have been made speech-enabled! With peiECO, employees receive real-time information about the fill level of the deposit machines, which then send voice messages to the radios used before the machines have to be emptied. This shortens the response time for emptying and thus prevents long waiting times for customers. The integration of customer buttons in various departments underlines the progressive orientation of EDEKA Schneider and makes the company a pioneer in the industry.

The cooperation with peicom and Mr. Schneider’s visionary approach ensure that peiECO is planned for all seven EDEKA Schneider stores, benefiting both employees and customers.


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