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More than 25,000 stores outfitted – with a mix of standard and customized solutions – we truly are experts in our field.The in-store communication solutions of the future incorporate more than just radiotelephony. Freezers, reverse vending machines, and automatic baking machines are all a part of our repertoire and they let you know how full or empty they are, for example.

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Increase the satisfaction of your staff through our communication solutions. By reducing the walking distances to a minimum, you gain extra time, which you can invest in making sure your customers are happy. One device for each individual person, optimizes the day-to-day business for all!

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Our mission began with store radio solutions. Today, we’ve moved on. Our I/O ecosystem can handle a wide variety of machine signals and sensor data.

Our app combines the two: Team voice communication and machine information. You can even keep using your existing devices!

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Our customers can expect innovative and efficient communication solutions they can rely on.

Our staff members are experts in their field. We are there for you from the initial contact, and the roll-out of a communication solution up to after sales. We are always on the lookout for the best communication solutions worldwide to boost the efficiency of our customers’ business.

Thanks to our affiliation with the Peiker family of companies, we have access to internal development resources. So, we can implement new ideas immediately.

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