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In-store communication

expert SE is an established cooperation in the specialist retail sector. It specializes in consumer electronics, information technology, telecommunications, entertainment and household appliances. High-quality products combined with in-depth specialist knowledge offer customers a comprehensive and high-quality shopping experience.

With expert ElektroLand Heidenheim, we have been able to inspire another partner for the topic of efficient in-store communication. Ms. Danne and her team are very pleased with the technology and have dedicated a few words to us.

“I would like to give you some feedback on our experience with in-store communication (radio technology) from peicom GmbH. We are extremely satisfied and would like to share our positive experiences with you. The introduction of wireless technology has proved to be a great relief in our everyday life. The ability to communicate via radio has enabled us to communicate much more efficiently and successfully than before. The clear and fast transmission of information has improved our internal processes and led to considerable time savings. In addition, the radio has also strengthened cohesion across departmental boundaries, which was a positive surprise for us. By communicating directly via radio, we can quickly and easily get in touch with colleagues from other departments to clarify questions, request support or exchange important information. This improved cooperation has contributed to a pleasant working atmosphere and led to a more effective completion of our tasks. We appreciate your expertise and the support you have given us during and after the implementation process. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the radio technology and would like to thank you and your team for providing and professionally implementing this solution. It has significantly improved our in-store communications and enabled us to work more productively and efficiently. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.”

Christina Danne, Management at Elektroland Heidenheim GmbH


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