Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Our responsibility

For peicom, corporate social responsibility means seeing yourself as part of a community. This is why we also have a strong sense of responsibility towards the people inside and outside the company as well as toward the environment and the regions in which we are based. The company demonstrates its social commitment and uses its corporate culture to prove that added value comes from more than just short-term capital orientation or increased sales.

Instead, it’s about creating value.

Collaboration with the Heilpädagogischen Hilfe Osnabrück (HHO)

Peicom collaborates with the Osnabrück workshops of the Heilpädagogische Hilfe Osnabrück (HHO). The HHO takes over parts of the manufacturing and assembly for peicom. These orders give peicom the opportunity to help people with disabilities to participate in modern working life. peicom also benefits from having a local supplier that is both flexible and reliable. The Osnabrück workshops and peicom are forging a long-term cooperation.


Environmental protection

peicom is a company aware of its responsibility toward the environment and its own employees. Our contribution to a clean environment starts with our choice of electricity supplier, continues with waste separation and ends with resource-saving processes and workflows.

In our day-to-day work and business activities, we take a wide range of aspects relating to environmental protection and safety into account, for example through:

  • environmentally friendly and resource-optimized packaging
  • rigorous waste separation
  • environmentally friendly disposal of waste
  • avoiding harmful wastewater
  • resource-saving, environmentally friendly processes and working methods

This is what our customers say

We now use radios in every one of our stores and are very happy with them. It saves us from unnecessary walking and makes it super easy for all the staff to exchange information.

Boris Massak - Massak Logistik GmbH

When advising clients, it’s a major advantage to be able to access the collective expertise of every colleague quickly and easily via radio.

Felix Zimmermann - Fressnapf Köln GmbH

The radios allow us to communicate properly with one another while also maintaining COVID-19 safe distances. Even in noisy environments (machine noise).

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