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peiECO – Expanding your communication

Smart in-store connectivity

Answering customer questions at service points and processing technical signals from various machines – these are tasks that are part of your daily work in a store. With peiECO, the peicom ecosystem, we ensure maximum flexibility in your task distribution and optimal communication between your employees, machines and customers.

If machines and sensors are connected to your employees‘ radios or smart devices, they will receive a full message from the deposit machine announced over their headset or the message displayed on their smart device. Gone are the days of customers waiting impatiently at your service point and loud announcements in your store.

As the central intelligence of peiECO, we integrate the peiBOX into your existing WiFi infrastructure of your store. Which and how many systems from peiECO are to be connected to your communication system is up to you: from machines (peiSUPPLY) to buttons (peiPRESS) to sensors (peiSENSE*). We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.


Let your machines communicate

Until now, your employees have been checking whether the deposit machine has been emptied or the bread baking machine in the store has been filled. In the meantime, they usually only notice malfunctions and full messages when a customer under time pressure points them out.

With peiECO, your employees no longer have to make regular checks in the store and customers no longer have to wait unnecessarily. As soon as the reverse vending machine cannot continue working, all your employees receive a freely definable voice message from peiSUPPLY via their radios on their headsets – extremely efficient and at the same time discreet towards the customers. Many reverse vending machines even inform in advance of the full message. The same applies to baking machines. Waiting next to the machine is no longer necessary, because a friendly voice announces the end of baking via voice message. The reject rate is almost zero and employees can take care of other tasks in the meantime, such as restocking the shelves in the supermarket.

We connect food retail vending machines with an analog contact via peiSUPPLY to the peiBOX, which is integrated into the existing WLAN network. Alternatively, we tap into the manufacturer’s signals from their cloud. MQTT interfaces reduce the installation effort on site. You decide individually which voice message the peiBOX then sends to your communication solution.



Your customers want you!

Customer service and personal assistance are the decisive advantages for stationary retail, in addition to the availability of goods and the opportunity to experience this, compared to the numerous online offers. At the same time, it’s not just fashion stores and home improvement centers that are affected by the growing shortage of skilled workers, but the entire retail industry.

Expand your communication solution with peiECO and our customer information buttons peiPRESS. Employees are always available for customers – and that without constantly manned service counters and cash registers. Place several buttons on your sales floor where the most frequent customer contact occurs. Customers can then easily reach your staff by pressing the button. „Advice needed in the wine department“ is the voice message that all employees receive on the headsets of their radios. The customers also hear a voice announcement. Not via the loudspeaker in the store, but via a small loudspeaker built into the button: „An employee is on his way to you.“ This saves customers a long search for a contact person among the meter-high shelves of the DIY store or prevents a queue at the checkout of the fashion store. Convince customers on site with your expert knowledge of the next construction project or your instinct for the coming fashion trends.

Once the peiBOX is connected to the infrastructure and linked to your communication solution, the peiPRESS buttons need to be strategically positioned on the store floor. From mounting on the merchandise shelf to wall mounting to a stand or counter display – peiPRESS can be used in any location – even outdoors. Power is provided either by electricity or alternatively your Motorola Solutions radio batteries. The buttons cannot be overlooked due to their colorful design and a possible info flag. Integrate the buttons for example into your corporate design – so peiPRESS fits perfectly into your store concept. We would be happy to support you in this.




It’s getting hot in here!

Particularly in food retailing and pet food markets as well as in specialist aquarium stores, guideline values for temperature, the supply of light sources and filter systems must be met. The fact that an air conditioning system has failed before or after the last check is usually not noticed by employees until it is too late on a busy day.

peiECO prevents such situations and protects the ecosystem of communication in your store. If the freezers in the supermarket fail or the sensor in the aquarium in the pet shop measures a too low CO2 level, all your employees receive a warning message. The voice message is sent to the headsets of the radios or smart devices. Whether motion, temperature or humidity sensors, peiSENSE* gives you the security to quickly intervene in unexpected situations.

We connect the sensor technology of the control instruments with peiSENSE* and the peiBOX, which is integrated into the existing WLAN network. Then the peiBOX can send an individual voice message to your communication solution to draw attention to the malfunction.


Performance improvement for more satisfied customers

The demands of customers for shopping in retail stores are diverse. High customer satisfaction requires, among other things, filled shelves, correctly arranged merchandise, technically perfect machines and always available and trained staff as well as no waiting times at the cash registers.

The peiANALYTICS* software collects all important data from the peiECO system in real time to ensure smooth daily operations. Set up your personal dashboard and analyze this data. Why not offer your employees an inside incentive to increase the response time to customer button presses in the DIY store. Get an overview of the frequency of machine error reports in the market to initiate countermeasures with the manufacturer. Compare individual locations, regions, countries or even continents with each other. Always in the sense of increasing the bonus value.

The central intelligence peiBOX is integrated into the WiFi infrastructure of the store. peiBOX passes the data to a secured cloud platform where the data is stored by peiECO DSGVO compliant – machine and vending machine connections, customer buttons or sensor connections. See the result in the online-based tool peiANALYTICS* on a smart device on site or at your workplace on a desktop. Display the data in real time, take direct countermeasures or use the collected data for your strategic planning.


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