Successful implementation of peiECO at DECATHLON Bremen-Brinkum

Implementation of peiECO

DECATHLON is one of the world’s largest sports equipment manufacturers and retailers, consistently embracing innovation to significantly enhance the shopping experience in the market.

The company has been using radio devices for internal communication for years. Our latest product, peiECO, was tested at the store in Bremen-Brinkum. peiECO enhances the existing radio technology by integrating the central unit, peiBOX, into the local WiFi infrastructure.

This integration ensures a connection between, for example, buttons at the service point and the radio devices of individual employees.

When customers request assistance through one of the buttons, employees immediately receive a voice message on their headsets, indicating where assistance is needed. Simultaneously, customers receive confirmation of the call through a speaker integrated into the button and individual LEDs—DECATHLON’s signature blue color.

During the test phase from October 2022 to April 2023, two buttons were strategically installed at key locations: one in the service point area and another in the fitness showroom. The objective, according to Store Leader Matthias Hartz, was to better meet customer needs and continuously enhance customer service:

“The idea behind it was to provide better support to our customers and simultaneously make better use of personnel resources, as these two departments didn’t need to be staffed permanently.”

— Matthias Hartz, Store Leader

The plan was successful. Particularly, the service point button proved extremely popular and was pressed a remarkable 468 times. This impressive figure confirmed the additional need for personnel or justified the use of the button system in improving customer service.


Matthias Hartz explains, “Due to the convincing results and positive feedback from customers and my colleagues, we decided to fully adopt the system in our store. This solution has convinced all parties involved.”

Thanks to the close collaboration between DECATHLON and peicom, as well as the decision by Matthias Hartz to fully integrate the button system, DECATHLON Bremen-Brinkum was able to elevate its in-store communication to a new level, creating an outstanding shopping experience for its customers. This sets an excellent example for him and his team.

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