Woolworth and peicom enter into partnership

New Instore-Communication

It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we are proud to introduce Woolworth as our official partner.

Our in-store communication cooperation extends from Rheine and Osnabrück to Unna, Berlin and Poland, among other places. The client explains to us why the partnership is so promising as follows:


The starting position:

Woolworth carries a wide range of articles for everyday needs: from home textiles and household items to fashion and drugstore articles, stationery and gifts. At present, Woolworth is growing like no other chain store in Germany. Starting with 158 stores in 2010, the company now operates more than 600 stores (as of July 2023). The medium-term target is 1,000 stores in Germany. Expansion into Poland has already taken place. Other countries are the target.

The starting situation in the stores is very similar: on the one hand, customers’ requirements are increasing. They want immediate and reliable information. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar retailers are finding it difficult to recruit and train employees to meet customer requirements. As a result, employees travel unnecessary distances to obtain the information they need.


The solution:

To counter these challenges, peicom and Woolworth entered into a dialogue. According to the needs, a radio solution was tested. The hurdle was low: The devices were individually secured against eavesdropping and could be delivered directly. No infrastructure is required. Each employee receives his or her own radio and headset and can “get on the radio”.


The added values:

“The use of radio technology has led to considerable process optimization in our stores. We are extremely satisfied with the results we have achieved so far. The fast and direct distribution of information and tasks via the radios has enabled us to significantly increase the efficiency of our internal processes,” says Bianka Wellnowski, who, as head of the sales organization department, has been involved in the discussions and tests from the very beginning.

Users of the technology, the employees in the stores, are also enthusiastic. The store manager in Osnabrück states: “Particularly noteworthy is the reduction in walking distances that we achieve through the use of radio technology. In the past, we were often forced to cover long distances over three floors of retail space in order to exchange important information or distribute tasks. Thanks to wireless technology, this is a thing of the past. Direct communication allows us to work more efficiently and save valuable time.”

Store manager from Rheine: “Everyday work has been made much easier thanks to the radio technology. The smooth, fast and direct communication has led to effective coordination within our team. We can now distribute tasks efficiently, clarify questions and exchange important information in real time. As a result, we have more time and energy for other important tasks, which contributes to an overall more productive work environment.”


The way forward:

“peicom’s solution has revolutionized our in-store communication and led to a significant improvement in our work processes,” said Pascal Sander, Teamleader of the sales organization. “We would like to thank peicom and their team for the professional support and valuable experience they shared with us. Their expertise has been instrumental in our success and we look forward to continued outstanding collaboration.”


We would also like to thank Woolworth for their kind words and hopefully long-lasting partnership!


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