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Machines provide a lot of information about their status, operating time, or malfunctions. We have started to inspect, process, and transfer this data. The results are issued to radio devices, our app, or other devices, such as dispatcher workstations or tablets.

Deposit machine connectivity

One classic example of vending machine connectivity are deposit machines in retail grocery stores. By connecting your deposit machines, it is possible to send signals directly to your radios or app-enabled device. When this happens, employees receive a voice message telling them that the deposit machine is full or malfunctioning, for example.

It is also possible to query the fill levels of modern vending machines, so that employees receive information even if the vending machine is nearly full. If emptied on time, the deposit machine is never full in the eyes of the customer and you sustainably enhance the shopping experience.


Baking machines connectivity

Besides deposit machines, our customers in the food retail sector often also connect baking machines. Here, your employees receive a voice message as soon as the end of preheating or baking is reached. This means you avoid the need for an employee to be permanently close to the machine. You also reduce the reject rate.

pina to go® from HEPRO connectivity

HEPRO® GmbH stands for perfection in knife peeling technology. The company is the market leader in the field of knife peeling technology for elongated vegetables and always remains innovative and in tune with the trends. Their long-standing partnership with food retailers led to the development of the pina to go®. The world’s first peeler for pineapple in pieces and slices.

peicom GmbH also follows this trend and works hand in hand with HEPRO®. Our partnership has resulted in pina to go® being connected to our communication solution. When the leftover container is full, a message is sent to your radio or individual handset.


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