The future of work in stationary retail


The EHI online session on 04.06.2024 is essentially about appreciating and supporting employees in everyday store life, taking their individual and personal needs into account. Various series of presentations will show how new technologies can support brick-and-mortar retail. They facilitate communication, increase transparency, take over tasks, streamline processes, optimize workflows and enable more flexibility. Together with REWE Symalla, Malte Krautwald, Director Sales & Marketing, Member of the Management Board, will give a presentation on the use of peiECO, an innovative communication system specially developed for the retail sector, and on the new TLK 25 from Motorola.

peiECO consists of a central peiBOX and peiPRESS (customer buttons), which enable efficient communication between customers and employees. This intelligent solution is extremely flexible and adaptable, making it versatile for use in different departments. Automatic messages from sensors and vending machines inform employees immediately of faults, which increases efficiency in various departments in the store.

Our peiECO communication system is becoming increasingly indispensable in the retail sector, as it not only improves internal communication through its versatile application options, but also makes a significant contribution to optimizing various work processes.

The TLK 25 from Motorola offers a new dimension in retail communication and goes beyond traditional push-to-talk boundaries. With its sleek design, impressive wireless performance and intuitive voice assistant, the TLK 25 sets new standards in ease of use, efficiency and security. It enables unlimited communication range between sites without additional infrastructure and minimizes Wi-Fi bandwidth consumption through integration with the WAVE PTX backend.

The TLK 25 from Motorola is the Wi-Fi radio that sets new standards.

We look forward to the presentation and will be happy to provide you with further information.

> Further information on the EHI session on 04.06.2024 can be found here.



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